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 Doctor: Congratulations! How are we feeling?
Mona: We're freaking out!
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 Zoe: [whispering] But what if I'm pregnant? 
 Zoe: I'll call you.
Stan: I'll wait by the phone.
 Mona: Are you going to see him again?
Zoe: I think so.
 Zoe: Okay, now this is getting weird.
Stan: I know, we keep running into each other. It's crazy. What are you doing tonight?

 Zoe: Who's that guy?
Mona: He's hot.
Stan: Hi. Did you follow me here?
Zoe: Follow you?
 Zoe: Excuse me! I didn't see you.
Stan: I saw you see me.
Zoe: Forget it. I'll get out. But not because you're right - because I'm in a terrific mood, and you're ruining it.
 Doctor: I have a feeling that you are CRM1014 are going to make beautiful babies together.
Doctor: You don't have to walk like that.
Zoe: Oh, okay.
 Zoe: Guess it's time for my backup plan.
Man: Are you high? It says he has red hair and freckles.
 Zoe: You know, I just always thought I'd be married with kids by now. I still haven't found "the one".
Carol: The elusive "one". Good luck!