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 Zoe: You're one of my best friends. Don't you want to help me? I mean, We don't have to have sex, alright, just will you be my baby-daddy? 
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 Tammy Sanders: Honey - are you in there?
[Man with Spanish accent]: Don't worry, we'll have you down in no time.
Men: You might want to cover your eyes.
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 Dan Sanders: You have a family. All this time, you were protecting them. 
 Tammy Sanders: Dan, we've got to do something.
Tyler Sanders: Dad, you're building on a nature preserve, and nature's ticked off.
Dan Sanders: Are you telling me that the animals are trying to get me to stop developing Rocky Springs?
Tyler Sanders: I think the animals are out for revenge.
 Frank: We are going to pour $100 million dollars into the local economy. 

 Dan Sanders: The animals are out to get me.
Tammy Sanders: And what animal are we talking about?
Dan Sanders: More than one of them. I think they're in cahoots.
 Dan Sanders: [screams] Miley Cyrus! 
 Dan Sanders: This is an opportunity to do something good for our family and for the environment.
Tyler Sanders: How is ripping out the forest good for the environment?
 Dan Sanders: So you are going to [puff] take out the whole forest?
Frank: Yeah!
Felder: But, we're replacing it with a shopping mall with a forest theme.
 Frank: Do you know why they call me the king of green? Because I love this planet.