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 Tony Stark: Look, she speaks Yiddish, Arabian, Russian, Latin... Latin? Who speaks Latin?
Pepper Potts: No one speaks Latin. It's a dead language.
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 Tony Stark: [to Vanko] You look like you have friends in low places... 
 Pepper Potts: I only have 1,123,581 most important things to talk to you about... 
 Pepper Potts: [nauseous] Did you make that?
Tony Stark: Yeah. It took me the whole morning...
 Tony Stark: I just want to talk to you for a minute, well make that 50 seconds...
Pepper Potts: Okay.
Pepper Potts: 49, 48, 47...

 Tony Stark: What's the point of owning a race car if you can't drive it? 
 Nick Fury: Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to exit the donut. 
 Justin Hammer: I wanna make Iron Man look like an antique. 
 Tony Stark: I am Iron Man. The suit and I are one. 
 Ivan Vanko: I hope you're ready...
Tony Stark: COME ON!