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{ Quotes from the Movie }

 Sophie: So you've come to find your Lorenzo.
Claire: Yes
Charlie: Of course a card or letter is just too simple.
 Sophie: Hi, my name is Sophie.
Claire: Juliet?
 Charlie: May I ask which one of you wrote this letter to my grandmother?
Sophie: I wrote that.
Charlie: What were you thinking?
Sophie: She deserved an answer.
 Victor: Sophia! Wherefore art thou, sweet Sophia? 
 Sophie: We're leaving in twelves hours, and you haven't packed for Verona's?
Victor: Close your eyes. Close your eyes!
Victor: It's good, right?
Sophie: Yeah

 Hale Caesar: Great, they got a small army. What have we got?
Hale Caesar: Four and a half men.
Yin Yang: Not so funny.
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 Trench: Only an idiot would do this job.
Barney Ross: How much?
Trench: Like I said.
 Barney Ross: We are the shadow, the smoke in your eyes, the ghosts that hide in the night. 
 Lee Christmas: Are you crazy? You could've killed me!
Barney Ross: Your welcome!
 Trench: Give this job to my friend. He loves playing in the jungle, right?
Barney Ross: Right.