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{ Quotes from the Movie }

 Katherine: I cannot believe I am doing this. 
 Danny: It's over. We're going to sign the papers in a couple of days.
Palmer: Ok, I just need to hear it from her.
Danny: You want to.. What do you mean?
Palmer: I need to meet her.
Danny: How about she text you? Would that be good?
 Katherine: Just tell her you are getting a divorce. 
 Katherine: Just tell her the truth
Danny: Well, let me practice. You'll be her.
Katherine: Oh Good. Ok, hold on.
Danny: Anyways, eh, I wear this fake wedding ring
Katherine: You are a pig.
 Danny: My wife beats me infront of my kids
Oh! No

 There are nine of us who escaped
Number one was killed in Malaysia
Number two was murdered in England
Number three was hunted down in Kenya
Before they come to the others, they will come for me
I am Number Four.
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 Jamie Randall: I'm not running away.
Maggie Murdock: It's not your choice.
 Jamie Randall: I love you
Maggie Murdock: What?
Jamie Randall: I've never said that to anyone before.
 Maggie Murdock: It's hard to believe, isn't it.
It's "hard" to believe.
 Maggie Murdock: I think it's time for you to go.