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{ Quotes from the Movie }

 Captain Dickson: There's a new synthetic drug at Sagan High. The mission is find the supplier. 
 Jenko: I think the dealers are the popular kids.
Schmidt: We should throw a party. That would be the quickest way to get in with them.
 Captain Dickson: Don't give nobody no drugs. No alcohol.
Schmidt: I promise you, we'll be super professional.
 Mr. Walters: Are you guys on drugs?
I don't like that. Put your tongue back in your mouth.
 Schmidt: Will you go to Prom with me? 

 Schmidt:That was a breeze.
Jenko: Oh! Sh..
Schmidt: [from the trailer] When did I get stabbed? That's AWESOME!
 Schmidt: Why do you always jump across the car like that?
Jenko: 'Cause it looks cool. You try.
 Jenko: You okay?
Schmidt: I think I crapped my pants.
 Simon: Sorry to hear about your wife. She okay?
Simon: The man's done it before, he'll do it again. We can take care of him for you.
Will: Who are you?
Simon: I represent an organization that loves this city. We're tired of watching it go to hell.
Will Gerard: I really don't know what you're talking about.
Simon: You know what I am talking about.
Simon: This wouldn't cost you anything, financially. But we may ask a favor of you at some point in the future.
 Will Gerard: Happy Anniversary.
Laura Gerard: It's beautiful