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 There is no doubt that Mr. Michaels’ condition is serious. He has an unbelievable fight in him and told me what kept him alive at the moment of the hemorrhage was that he did not want his family to wake up and see him lying unconscious in the middle of the floor. 
— Neurosurgeon Dr. Zabramski in a statement on Bret Michaels' condition / May 03, 2010
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 It was a combination of Bret’s fight to stay conscious during the hemorrhage and get to the emergency room, and the immediate medical attention provided by our staff at Barrow that enabled us to stabilize his condition. 
— Neurosurgeon Dr. Zabramski in a statement on Bret Michaels' condition / May 03, 2010
 I was expecting you. Are you NYPD or FBI? 
— Faisal Shahzad, arrested in the Times Square bombing case, told Customs officials who came aboard the jet to arrest him / May 03, 2010
 We don’t like to show all our cards. I could not have been prouder of the performance and success of my people last night, 
— Lieutenant Torre is proud of his people who diffused the car bomb / May 02, 2010
 This appears to be a car bomb that the bomb squad is in the process of dismantling. We do not know the motive. 
— NY Police spokesman Paul Browne on the car bomb found at Times Square / May 01, 2010

 At the end of the show, the police came in. We were told we had to leave, They said there was a bomb scare. 
— Shelly Carlisle, of Portland, Ore., a tourist on the car bomb / May 01, 2010
 It was a mass of people running away from the scene. There were too many people, too many cops. I've never seen anything like it. 
— Katy Neubauer and Becca Saunders, tourists, who was shopping at Times Square on the car bomb / May 01, 2010
 It looked like something digital. It went off, it just didn’t go off like it was intended to, 
— a law-enforcement official on the car bomb / May 01, 2010
 The president commended the quick action by the NYPD and...the federal government is prepared to provide support, 
— President Obama spokesman Nick Shapiro in a statement / May 01, 2010
 You used to be famous for being famous. Then you were famous for getting lots of plastic surgery and selling only 658 copies of your album in its first week. Now you’re not famous. That was fast 
— Time Magazine listing Heidi Montag among The Time Bum Hundred in 2010 / April 30, 2010
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