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 You’re such a happy bright person, but it wasn’t always that way. You write about being very difficult to work with. I was terrible, It was so Psychology 101 — I felt terrible inside and I projected it on everybody else. I made everybody bad, wrong. I was kind of shaming and humiliating, not unlike Sue Sylvester, so I had a lot to draw on. I wasn’t a nice person to have around. And I can say today, I’m kind of a nice person to have around! 
— Jane Lynch saying she used to be like her character from Glee Sue Sylvester / September 21, 2011
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 We always knew we’d graduate in real time. It’s all part of the plan and it’s all good! It’s going to make Season 3 amazing!!! 
— Lea Michele is comfortable that her character Rachel Berry is graduating from "Glee's" McKinley High / July 13, 2011
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 I think everybody wants to have a Brittany-ism! She can say any random thing and it’s funny. I look forward to [the lines] I have to say. 
— Heather Morris saying people like Glee for its sense of humor / February 17, 2011
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 When things are down economically, people reach for something else, and I think people like the show because it keeps their spirits up. A lot of people tell me that they come home and Glee is the thing that keeps them going. We don’t have many positive TV shows anymore. 
— Heather Morris saying people watch Glee to forget about their financial woes / February 17, 2011
 I said to [Murphy] that I don't sing at all, but I wanted to be there because I like the show. I think it's great. I want to play this heavy metal rock and roll star... tattooed all over with nasty things in Spanish that nobody understands. And I will just be the chauffeur - while other people sing, I will just be like, 'Yeah, that rocks'. 
— Javier Bardem wants a role in Glee / February 17, 2011
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 I think everyone can relate that’s in the music business. Everyone’s just thankful that music is kind of popular again because Glee does a great job of incorporating it into the show. I would humbly say that if there’s ever an opportunity they see that I could work well on that show, I would be honoured. Plus I think that cast is really talented — it would be fun. 
— Nick Jonas wants to appear on Glee / February 16, 2011
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 Everybody says this, obviously, in the entertainment business because it’s such a popular show — that’s why I’m reluctant to say it from time to time — but I really do appreciate the use of music in Glee, 
— Nick Jonas wants to appear on Glee / February 16, 2011
 They are doing some of my songs on GLEE... Chord we gotta work on that dancing. lol. But honestly truly honoured that GLEE is going to do my stuff. Thanks and enjoy the show (sic). 
— Justin Bieber wrote on his facebook page / February 16, 2011
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