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Geri Halliwell Quotes

English recording artist, author and philanthropist, Former Spice Girl


Geraldine Estelle "Geri" Halliwell is an English recording artist, author and philanthropist. After coming to international prominence as a member of the girl group, the Spice Girls, Halliwell launched her solo career and released her debut album Schizophonic. Since then she has released two more studio albums — Scream If You Wanna Go Faster and Passion — and four number one singles at the UK Singles Chart, "Mi Chico Latino", "Lift Me Up", "Bag It Up" and "It's Raining Men". In 2008 Halliwell published a book series named Ugenia Lavender.

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 I don't follow strict diets because I don't believe in them. I've yo-yoed like everyone else, but I finally feel comfortable with the way I am. I designed my new bikinis to appeal to every woman, whether they're a size 8 or 16. 
— Geri Halliwell doesn't diet / February 27, 2011
 Robbie knew about my bulimia and he advised me to get help. He told me to go into rehab and that possibly saved my life. The bulimia would have got worse without it. I will always be grateful to him, always... I am happy and healthy now. 
— Geri Halliwell crediting Robbie Williams for saving her life / March 26, 2010
 I became really close to Robbie after leaving the Spice Girls and it was a very poignant friendship. I was lonely and felt he was the only person on the planet who could understand me because of his experiences with Take That. We understood each other. 
— Geri Halliwell on her friendship with Robbie Williams / March 26, 2010
 I'm passionate about wildlife conversation, I love animals, especially lions. I'm delighted to add Rudi and Aphrodite to my family 
— Geri Halliwell on adopting two lion cubs / May 2009