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Gary Kirsten Quotes

Indian Cricket Team coach, Former South African Cricketer


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 It wasn't a failure, it was a very important tour. The purpose was to try out different combinations under match intensity. The results were disappointing but that wasn't our main goal. If our goal was to win a tournament in Zimbabwe we may have picked out strongest team. 
— Gary Kirsten is not bothered by loses against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe in the Twenty20 series / June 25, 2012
 It's difficult to judge the bench strength by one game. I see it as an opportunity for the younger players but you cannot judge them by one performance. 
— Gary Kirsten after India lost to South Africa in the final ODI / February 27, 2010
 We want to win every series and this does not give opportunities for the younger players to get the exposure. But this was a good learning experience for them. 
— Gary Kirsten on younger members not getting enough chances to play at International level / February 27, 2010
 I've enjoyed various challenges; after the 2007 World Cup things have looked different and I'm enjoying the game... The credit also goes to Gary [Kirsten], he has really held the team beautifully. It's about togetherness and playing for each other. You see during the practice sessions that Gary himself trains as hard as anyone else, or probably harder than anyone else as he's the one giving us practice all the time. 
— Gary Kirsten crediting coach Gary Kirsten for holding the team together / February 24, 2010
 You're always going to miss them because they are great players, but it's a great opportunity for a tour of this nature for young players of show what they're made of. 
— Gary Kirsten on missing senior players due to injuries / June 21, 2009

 We're looking to those young players for the future as well. This is a great opportunity for these guys to stake their claim. 
— Gary Kirsten on playing a fairly young side against West Indies / June 21, 2009
 Viru is one of our main batsmen, so not having him around is a blow. We need to work around his absence. 
— Gary Kirsten on Virendar Sehwag returning to India from Twenty20 World Cup with an injury / June 09, 2009
 We don't play as individuals, we play as a team. We take a lot of pride in that. When we get accused of infighting, it hurts us. We collectively made the decision that it was a good idea to show the Indian people, most importantly, our team unity, just in case there was any doubt that there was any infighting. 
— Gary Kirsten responding to the accusation that there are problems between team members in the Indian cricket team / June 2009
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