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 I have seen a lot of the Premier League on TV and I understand it's a lot faster and more physical than the football I was used to in Brazil and Portugal. But football is a physical game and if I didn't like that side of it I would be playing tennis! 
— David Luiz would rather play Tennis if Football isn't physical / February 12, 2011
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 Ronaldo is the best player in the world for me. He only needs to walk on to the pitch to have defenders scared straight away. 
— Theo Walcott speaking about Cristiano Ronaldo / May 2009
 He is now scoring goals in a different way and is doing it for the team. We have got a lot of candidates for the Footballer of the Year award but no one could argue with Wayne getting it. 
— Sir Alex Ferguson speaking about Wayne Rooney / May 2009
 Football isn't a game for Ballerinas 
— Claudio Gentile / April 11, 2009
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 It's a difficult decision to be taken, because we know the importance for the Flemish. I had no courage to stop at the end of last year on account of calls from fans and also for my companions. I am peaceful with the head, talked a lot with my family and can be closer to them going forward 
— Fabio Luciano announcing his retirement / April 2009
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 You just want to keep yourself fit. To see any player get injured and miss the World Cup... that would be horrible. Horrible 
— Wayne Rooney speaking at Nike football boot launch about his Euro 2004 injury / April 2006
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 Our club captain Gary Neville's been out for a year now, but Giggsy has taken up the mantelpiece 
— Rio Ferdinand
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 I think you play football to win things, to make people happy and to make history. If I can have half of the success that the Busby Babes did at United, then I'd be delighted with that. 
— Wayne Rooney on his views on football
 We watched the 50 greatest English Premier League goals on the team bus - and Sully must have been in 49 of them! 
— Wellens Rover's keeper Neil Sullivan