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Cuban Politician, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba


Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz is one of the primary leaders of the Cuban Revolution, the Prime Minister of Cuba from February 1959 to December 1976, and then the President of the Council of State of Cuba until his resignation from the office in February 2008. He is currently the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba.

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 Why did Obama accept the Nobel Peace Prize when he had already decided to take the war in Afghanistan to its ultimate limit? 
— Fidel Castro on Barack Obama accepting the Nobel peace prize / December 10, 2009
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 Many believe he (Obama) has not earned the right to receive such a distinction. But we would like to see, more than a prize for the US president a criticism of the genocidal policies that have been followed by more than a few presidents of that country. 
— Fidel Castro on Obama receiving the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize / October 2009