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National Conference President, Union minister for New and Renewable Energy


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 Let's not become judges without hearing the poor man. Fingers are being pointed at him due to IPL hype. 
— Farooq Abdullah on the IPL controversy / April 20, 2010
 I oppose the way the Opposition boycotted the budget. They should have listened to it. This could have been debated and it is not done in a democracy. It is complete hooliganism, 
— Farooq Abdullah on the opposition staging a walkout during the presentation of the 2010 Indian Union Budget / February 26, 2010
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 I was never in favour of creation of smaller states. Today also, I am not in favour of smaller states. 
— Farooq Abdullah / December 15, 2009
 This ministry is a big challenge and I take this challenge head on. I am happy that I have been entrusted with the job which ultimately benefits our future generation. 
— Farooq Abdullah brushing aside notion about getting a low profile ministry / May 29, 2009
 No profile is big or small. It is just a perception of people. I think I am small for New and Renewable Energy Ministry. This portfolio is bigger than me. 
— Farooq Abdullah / May 29, 2009

 India cannot tolerate non-performers. If one does not perform, he or she should quit before being kicked out. 
— Farooq Abdullah / May 29, 2009
 Its a great responsibility for me, particularly when climate change is a global issue. I think, I can make a meaningful contribution in furthering India's share of renewable energy 
— Farooq Abdullah on becoming Union minister for New and Renewable Energy / May 29, 2009
 The National Conference will do everything possible to be facilitators. We are not mediators. We are only facilitators to see that the Centre will talk to separatists. We come to some sort of agreement or solution which might be beneficial to India, Pakistan and people of Jammu and Kashmir 
— Farooq Abdullah / May 07, 2009
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 PDP and LK Advani want to destroy and spoil the secular structure of India. 
— Farooq Abdullah on PDP and LK Advani / May 03, 2009
 I promise to pay compensation to the people who became victims in one or the other way during the infamous Amarnath land row after the parliamentary elections 
— Farooq Abdullah addressing a public gathering at Iddgah Ganderbal / May 03, 2009

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