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Bollywood Director and Choreographer


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 I know Salman for ages now and he's a very close friend...The dates are being worked out with him and he has told me that he will come along with his mother. He's totally a mamma's boy and I know he loves eating her haath ka khana. So, it will be a fun episode. 
— Farah Khan on Salman Khan appearing on chat show Tere Mere Beech Main / June 05, 2009
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 I will not try to sort out anything. They are grown up men who can take their own decisions. My show is not a masala or bitchy show. The only thing I have to tell them is that I cannot get married again so that they can have the platform to sort out their differences. 
— Farah Khan on whether she will resolve the rift between actors Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan / June 05, 2009
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 I try and give maximum time to my kids and my husband. I give 75 percent of my time to my family and 25 percent of my time to my work. I've learn't to strike this balance 
— Farah Khan on striking the balance between work and family / May 23, 2009
 Preity Zinta in Dil Se was one such example. She could not dance and I had to change the steps for the hit number, Jiya jale from the typical classical ones to those that would suit her personality. I even allowed her to use her own expressions to match the steps! 
— Farah Khan on Preity Zinta
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