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American actor, writer and film director known for his roles in White Fang, A MidNight Clear, Alive.


Ethan Green Hawke is an American actor, writer and film director. He made his feature film debut in 1985, opposite River Phoenix in the movie Explorers, before making a supporting appearance in the 1989 drama Dead Poets Society which is considered his breakthrough role. He then appeared in such films as White Fang (1991), A Midnight Clear (1992), and Alive (1993) before taking a role in the 1994 Generation X drama Reality Bites, for which he received critical acclaim. In 1995 he starred in the romantic drama Before Sunrise, and later in its sequel Before Sunset (2004).

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 When you start becoming really successful, the demons start to tempt you - the demons of vanity and self importance, drug abuse, the feelings of fraudulence. But, it's also a thrill. That's what I found weird. I remember, after I did Dead Poets Society, I went to the Cannes Film Festival. I had my stars in my eyes. I loved getting my picture taken. That's the funny thing - it's a push and pull. 
— Ethan Hawke / March 06, 2010
 In all of our society, but especially in Hollywood, there is an obsession with perfection that can lead to self-loathing and neurosis and all that kind of stuff, 
— Ethan Hawke / March 06, 2010
 It reminds me of a friend of mine who was really hooked on this girl. After the first night they spent together, he woke up before her, ran to the bathroom and combed his hair, brushed his teeth and changed his T-shirt. Then he got back into bed like he was just waking up. We've all done things like that - tried to present ourselves in a way that we think other people will find appealing - instead of just trusting that they'll accept us as we are. 
— Ethan Hawke / March 06, 2010
 My mom used to always tell me that you judge other people by how they seem, and you judge yourself by how you really feel because you know what you are. That's why everybody feels so inferior all the time. I think it's all part of the fame game that people play. You read the tabloid magazines and it just seems like it's another world, full of exciting people who aren't like the boring schmuck you work next to. The irony is that a lot of what I do is really boring, even though some great things happen. 
— Ethan Hawke / March 06, 2010
 Anybody who is a parent who wants to have a professional life knows that it's a struggle... always a balance, 
— Ethan Hawke / March 04, 2010

 Maya is about to be 12, so she's getting pretty good with the baby, 
— Ethan Hawke / March 04, 2010
 It's not even a joke... it was a full-blown assassination and they accidentally killed the guy cutting his hair - it was a woman cutting his hair. It was terrible. I stood there, like, an actor in a movie. I kept expecting the AD (assistant director) to go, 'Cut, cut...' The police shut the block down. 
— Ethan Hawke recalling witnessing a killing in Brooklyn, New York / March 04, 2010
 I saw a bunch of hoods - that's what I saw. 
— Ethan Hawke admitting being questioned by police, but was a useless witness / March 04, 2010