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 I hope not. And I don't think they will, City have found how difficult it can be this year. 
— Paul Scholes dismisses Manchester City's ambition to win the Premier League in the next five years / February 16, 2012
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 I'd like to come back to the Premier League. I love English football, I love English fans. 
— Claudio Ranieri would like to come back to Premier League / February 23, 2011
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 To win the league you can never have it smooth and there are not many seasons when it is plain sailing all the way through. You are fighting against big teams in Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and others and there are times you have to stay strong. In the moments when we were down this season we have stayed strong. 
— Frank Lampard saying it's very difficult to win the Premier League / May 09, 2010
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 Some people have said the league has gone downhill but I don't think it has. The league has improved because the teams in the middle of the table and down the bottom have been fighting even harder and are more organised. It has proved more difficult for the bigger teams to win regularly week in, week out, and if we can win one more game it will be a big achievement to win it this year due to circumstances. 
— Frank Lampard saying Premier League is still the best / May 09, 2010
 I have no intention of retiring and if I did the people I would tell are (chief executive) David Gill and the Glazer family. As far as I'm concerned this is a load of nonsense 
— Sir Alex Ferguson has no intention to retire as Manchester United Boss at the end of next season / April 23, 2010
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 We watched the 50 greatest English Premier League goals on the team bus - and Sully must have been in 49 of them! 
— Wellens Rover's keeper Neil Sullivan