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 That was pretty disappointing considering the person in question knows neither me nor my wife. Well nobody is beyond criticism. I didn't feel, I don't feel, that the talk of me finishing after that game was right. I can't agree with that, but those are the things you have to deal with as an England player, 
— Andrew Strauss after Sky TV commentator and former captain Bob Willis claimed that Andrew Strauss gave up ODI captaincy following pressure at home / April 17, 2012
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 I am delighted to be taking on the role on a full-time basis. I will now have the opportunity to spend a lot more time with the players and other coaches both in the build-up to series and during the series themselves. 
— Graham Gooch after accepting the role of a full time batting coach for England / February 18, 2012
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 I'll look to play my normal game. It's not a pinch-hitting role. It was put to me, and I was very excited - and the team are right behind the decision. I'm fine. It's something you think about - it could be nice, especially in the sub-continent. Then once it was talked about seriously I went away and had a couple of days to think about. I thought it was exciting - and I have a nice little feeling about it. 
— Kevin Pietersen saying he would not be earmarked pinch hitter for his opener role / February 16, 2011
 It's really exciting - a nice positive move going into the World Cup. We spoke about it going into the end of the Australia tour. We feel at the top of the innings is a really nice time to bat. I'm excited by it; the team are excited by it - and I'm looking forward to it. 
— Kevin Pietersen on his new opener role in the English team / February 16, 2011
 On any given day, when England turn up, they can demolish any team, But at times, they can have a bit of a downfall in ODI cricket. It's not their strength. 
— Chris Gayle on the England Cricket team / May 23, 2009
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