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Bollywood film actor


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 The role in the film demanded a look like this. It's not just about the six packs, my character had to look physically tough. It was one of the key requirements of the script 
— Emraan Hashmi on having a six pack for the movie Once Upon A Time In Mumbai / December 11, 2009
 Aggression is outdated. There's a new tenderness in the Indian man, which isn't gay or too feminine. 
— Emraan Hashmi on men becoming more expressive in movies now a days / December 05, 2009
 I have loads of favourites, but my all-time favourite movie till date is The Dark Knight. It's a really good film with a fantasy and fiction kind of tempo but it also has suspense and drama 
— Emraan Hashmi on his favorite film / June 17, 2009

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