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English model and actress


Elizabeth Jane Hurley is an English model and actress who became known as a girlfriend of Hugh Grant in the 1990s. Born in Basingstoke, Hurley was a struggling actress in 1987, when she met Grant while working on a Spanish production called Remando Al Viento. In 1994, Grant became the focus of worldwide media attention due to the global box office success of his film Four Weddings and a Funeral. Hurley accompanied him to the film's London premiere and was noted for wearing a plunging black Versace dress held together with gold safety pins. According to The Guardian,[1] Hurley was "then known as 'Hugh Grant's girlfriend,' now known as 'Hugh Grant's former girlfriend,'" due to their high-profile romantic relationship that ended in 2000.

Elizabeth Hurley Info

Birth nameElizabeth Jane Hurley
Date of BirthJune 10, 1965
Place of BirthBasingstoke, Hampshire, England
Spouse (s)Arun Nayar (2007-present)
Years active1987–present (Actress)
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 It's nice that people think we make a great couple - thanks guys - we are very happy together! Miss you. 
— Elizabeth Hurley in a twitter tweet about her relationship with Shane Warne / August 23, 2011
 Damian adores being photographed — in fact he likes anything to do with showbusiness. He’s written his first screenplay called Escape! and many pop songs which he performs on the dining room table, singing into a hairspray can. He spends hours trying to persuade me to do movies again so I can take him out of school to be tutored in my trailer. Needless to say, this is not going to happen. 
— Elizabeth Hurley saying her son wants to be a star / August 25, 2010
 Damian gets virtually all my time when he’s not at school. Unless there’s an emergency on, I try not to work between picking him up from school and bedtime. We do piano and guitar practice, the dreaded maths homework, supper, bath, reading and bed together seven nights a week. If I have to be away on business, I keep the trips as short as possible and my mum comes and looks after him. 
— Elizabeth Hurley saying staying out of the public eye has helped her spend more time with her son / August 25, 2010
 My overall best friend is Hugh, My ‘current affairs’ best friend is Arun, because we speak to each other all day, every day. My sister Katie is my loyal best friend. But there is a part of my life neither Arun nor Katie understand; a career part and a different emotional level where Hugh is still my number one. We’ve been best friends for 24 years and that’s not nothing. 
— Elizabeth Hurley / May 17, 2010
 Hugh virtually has a bedroom at our house and we’re still neighbors in London. And he’s an excellent godfather to Damian. He’s a part of our family — we all go on holiday together and Arun and Hugh get on incredibly well. We’re all grown up, and if I wanted to be with Hugh, we would be together. 
— Elizabeth Hurley on former boyfriend Hugh Grant / May 17, 2010

 We haven’t had any luck so far, Arun would love another one. Damian does not want another one. And I think it would be great if one came along. But we’re grateful for what we’ve got. 
— Elizabeth Hurley is trying to have a baby with husband Arun Nayar / May 17, 2010
 Damian calls him daddy, He knows he’s not his blood father. He’ll sometimes forget, though, and say, ‘Tell me again why dad’s brown and we’re so white.’ And I’ll say, ‘He’s not blood, remember.’ And he’ll say, ‘Yes, I knew that.’ 
— Elizabeth Hurley saying her son Damian knows that Arun Nair is not his birth father / May 17, 2010
 This year we're spending the whole holiday period in India. We are looking for some properties to buy in Rajasthan, which is where Arun and I got married. We love it out there in the desert. 
— Elizabeth Hurley is spending the holiday season in India buying a new home / December 25, 2009
 All our friends have already bagged bedrooms and booked holidays with us, so fingers crossed we close a deal somewhere. 
— Elizabeth Hurley wants to buy a home in India / December 25, 2009