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 Only Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh talk about development. Rest are engaged in irrelevant speaks 
— Priyanka Gandhi about development talks by the Congress leaders / April 28, 2009
 The last nail in the coffin of the judicial process is the latest news that the UPA government wants Quattrocchi's name off the CBI's "Wanted" list. 
— LK Advani slamming Congress Government / April 28, 2009
 Manmohan Singh's party wanted to remove his name from the list. The decision indicates they think their party will not come back to power .. I condemn the decision. 
— LK Advani on CBI removing Quattrocchi's name from its wanted list / April 28, 2009
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 They are not going to come to power. Else, they would have waited for elections to get over and then take this step 
— LK Advani saying Congress is desperate at a time when its term is getting completed / April 28, 2009
 Don't look at any politician as God. Never ever become a worshipper to any politician. Politics will improve only when you will understand that politicians are your servant 
— Priyanka Gandhi speaking at an election rally during the 2009 Indian Parliamentary elections / April 23, 2009
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 This is a good opportunity for the UPA because we are going alone in elections. I think it's a good opportunity now rather than two years ago 
— Priyanka Gandhi expressing confidence that the UPA will again win the Indian Parliament elections in 2009 / April 20, 2009
 If you are a Gowda, a Vokkaliga, Lingayat and so on. You are given a ticket on the basis of what caste and community you belong to and then you are wooing votes from that community only 
— Capt G R Gopinath giving reason why he did not choose a specific caste / community / April 17, 2009