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 Dr. Drew has what it takes to help anyone that has any kind of problem. It doesn't have to be drugs, it doesn't have to be alcohol, it can be any kind of emotional or psychological problem 
— Michael Lohan speaking about Dr Drew and possible help for his daughter Lindsay Lohan to come out of her drinking behavior / June 2009
 With the drugs, I think she's in a much better place than she used to be. But I have a problem with her being even on prescription medication 
— Michael Lohan speaking about Lindsay Lohan's need for therapy to stop drinking / June 2009
 She's out there drinking and partying and she should not be doing that. People see her drinking. She should stay away from it 
— Michael Lohan saying Lohan is drinking way too much / June 2009
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 My justification is that most people my age spend a lot of time thinking about what they're going to do for the next five or ten years. The time they spend thinking about their life, I just spend drinking. 
— Amy Winehouse
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