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Doug Reinhardt Quotes

American baseball player and television personality


Douglas Francis Reinhardt is best known for appearances on the reality show The Hills and playing baseball for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Baltimore Orioles

Doug Reinhardt Info

Date of BirthOctober 22, 1985
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 I know that we have a great future to look forward to ... Paris is the most beautiful girl in the world. I am so in love with her - I feel like I'm the luckiest guy in the world. She is gorgeous, smart, funny and kind. My family loves her, and she would make the perfect wife. 
— Doug Reinhardt on Paris Hilton / January 06, 2010
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 When it happens, it happens, We've talked about it and we're having fun right now. 
— Doug Reinhardt admitting that the pair discussed on a possible engagement / May 28, 2009
 We just connected right from the beginning. We actually started hanging out on Christmas day - our families both go to Aspen every year. We met randomly on Christmas and have pretty much been inseparable. She's an amazing girl and a great businesswoman. She's the sweetest, most humble, hardworking girl. I'm very proud of her. 
— Doug Reinhardt on Paris Hilton / May 28, 2009
 She's always making me laugh, She doesn't take herself too seriously and it's a great thing to be a part of. 
— Doug Reinhardt on Paris Hilton / May 28, 2009
 Paris is so special to me. She is the one, I knew it the moment I met her. I am going to ask her to marry me but I can't say when. I don't want to ruin the surprise 
— Doug Reinhardt on proposing to Paris Hilton / May 25, 2009

 She's everything I dreamt of. She's an amazing girl and I'm having the most fun with her 
— Doug Reinhardt on Paris Hilton / May 23, 2009