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Television personality


Donata "Dina" Lohan rose to fame as the mother and manager of actress and pop singer Lindsay Lohan.

Dina Lohan Info

Birth nameDonata Sullivan
Date of BirthSeptember 15, 1962
Place of BirthNew York City, New York, United States
OccupationsEntrepreneur, manager, actress, television personality, former dancer
Spouse (s)Michael Lohan (1985–2007)
ChildrenLindsay Lohan (b. 1986), Michael Douglas Jr. (b. 1987), Ali Lohan (b. 1993), Dakota "Cody" (b. 1996)
Years active1998–present
Known forReality show Living Lohan
RelativesJohn L. Sullivan (father) (deceased), Ann Sullivan (mother), Matt (brother), Paul (brother)
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 Betty Ford was life changing for all of us. I mean, I’ve put her in a couple of rehabs over the years, and, you know, it’s not about the rehab, it’s about where she is personally in her sobriety and her growth. She’s matured considerably, 
— Dina Lohan about her daughter Lindsay Lohan / February 18, 2011
 I think she’s gonna be OK. She’s a young girl struggling. You know, she’s not perfect. … She’s learning as she goes, but she’s learning under a microscope, so I can’t even imagine how that is. 
— Dina Lohan about her daughter Lindsay Lohan / February 18, 2011
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 I knew early on, I just didn’t tell anyone about it. It was a personal situation. I saw it visually, what was happening. You know, I’m around my children. I was around Lindsay a lot, and I saw what was happening. I grabbed the bull by the horns and tried to get her help immediately. 
— Dina Lohan saying Lindsay's problems began in 2004 when she moved to Los Angeles / February 18, 2011
 The show has targeted everyone from gays to lesbians, Asians, disabled and each other... several groups are going after the producers including mothers' groups. It's a shame as the dance numbers are amazing, but the writers need to be nice and more creative as opposed to being hurtful. They are sending the wrong message to the youth that are watching. Oh, and I must get a 'fifth' dog named Sparky... As far as Katie Couric is concerned, she has a short memory when the tabloids were trashing her a few years ago - and she's a mum! 
— Dina Lohan saying the writers of Glee should play nice / February 08, 2011
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 When it’s court ordered, it’s not your judgment call. It’s the court’s. So, she is back. She is doing wonderfully there. The judge was recused from the case… she was the one that ordered this last one… because of a legal situation, she may actually get out of rehab earlier at this time. We may have a case against California. 
— Dina Lohan saying Lindsay Lohan doesn't have a drug or booze problem / August 15, 2010

 We have already started filming. The cameras follow us in our daily lives and as we promote our businesses. I want to prove that we are a good, hardworking family and we don’t have the crazy lives that some people claim we do. The show will feature my kids, and Lindsay will also appear in some episodes, although she’s very busy filming and promoting her fashion lines. We’re discussing a deal with a major network. 
— Dina Lohan saying her family will appear in a reality tv show / June 28, 2010
 He said I’m not giving the card back. He almost pushed the cake off the counter and he wouldn’t give the card back, so we called police. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. 
— Dina Lohan about calling the cops after being refused a free ice cream / June 19, 2010