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Congress general secretary of All India Congress Committee, former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, MP from Bihar representing Banka constituency


Digvijay Singh is a senior Congress (I) politician. He has been the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh state for two five-year terms. He first became Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh on December 7, 1993 and continued to hold the post till Congress was voted out of power in the November 2003. He is currently a General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee. He is popularly known as Diggi Raja.

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 We are happy that Mayawati has decided to ouster criminals from the BSP, but we also demand that she should immediately release a list of such persons and details of cases against them, 
— Digvijay Singh / May 02, 2010
 There are some elements in the BSP from whom earlier Mayawati herself had expressed threat to her life. At least they should be expelled from the party, 
— Digvijay Singh saying there were a number of MLAs and MPs in the BSP government having criminal cases and the action should be taken against them / May 02, 2010
 I do not believe the report. If the story has come out then there should be a proper enquiry into the allegation. 
— Digvijay Singh on the phone tapping issue / April 24, 2010
 I do not believe the government can do such an unethical thing, but now that this story has come, there should be an inquiry into it. 
— Digvijay Singh on the phone tapping issue / April 24, 2010
 We all feel that Rao should not have relied on the affidavit filed by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. The then government of Uttar Pradesh and Rao should have intervened in time to prevent the demolition. 
— Digvijay Singh on the 1992 Babri masjid demolition and the then prime minister Narasimha Rao / December 08, 2009

 There is no secret. The BJP leaders like LK Advani, Joshi, Uma Bharati and Vinay Katiyar were present at the site and were rejoicing when the Babri Masjid collapsed and were shoutign slogans like ek dhakka aur do. It is all evident from the video footage. 
— Digvijay Singh after the Babri mosque demolition report was released by the Liberhan commission / June 30, 2009
 Intensive campaigning by Rahul Gandhi helped us 
— Digvijay Singh on 2009 Indian elections / May 16, 2009
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 Voices are already there. It's a question of time 
— Digvijay Singh on Rahul Gandi as future leader / May 16, 2009
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 During the UPA rule, Bihar got five times more funds than it got during the NDA regime. 
— Digvijay Singh saying Bihar is treated well under UPA than NDA / May 2009
 If we don't get the mandate, we will sit in the Opposition 
— Digvijay Singh