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British film and television actor, known for his role in Slumdog Millionaire


Dev Patel is also an amateur martial artist. He is known for his role in the television series Skins and, in the multiple Academy Award-winning film Slumdog Millionaire.

Dev Patel Info

Date of BirthApril 23, 1990
Place of BirthHarrow, Greater London, England
Years active2006–present
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 I got offered a lot of things after Slumdog, but this really stood out, because it was a villain. I wanted to go as far as possible in the other direction. I think I can reinvent myself here. We had this one scene where I was fighting off all these men on my ship and there are all these stunt guys flying all over the place, supposedly terrified of me. And I’m standing in the middle. This kid from Harrow, thinking, ‘Well this is mental.’ 
— Dev Patel speaking about his role of Prince Zuko in new movie The Last Airbender / July 09, 2010
 We’re doing a four-month press tour for The Last Airbender which is taking us everywhere so I haven’t been home for a while now. I’ve been living out of a suitcase which is not easy. I do really miss home, friends and family but I really can’t complain. 
— Dev Patel is getting homesick while traveling round the world promoting his new film The Last Airbender / July 05, 2010
 No, no. [When I heard the rumors] I was like, ‘What? The wedding plans?’ I’m 20. It’s a bit tricky. I don’t know what to tell everyone because it’s my private thing. But it’s part and parcel of the industry so you just learn to get over the awkwardness and just play with it. 
— Dev Patel is shocked to hear rumors that he is getting married / July 01, 2010
 She is stunning. There have been rumours about her being a Bond girl on the next film. I would love her to get the role, she'd be amazing, 
— Dev Patel saying Freida Pinto would make an amazing bond girl / April 29, 2010
 I'm not sure I could ever play 007 though. I'm too much of a wimp, 
— Dev Patel doesn't see himself playing James Bond / April 29, 2010
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