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 Lady Gaga is wonderful. I love all that. I'd love to perform with [her]. She's wonderful and having a great time... She's bringing a lot to what she does. As a fellow New Yorker I appreciate her punkness. I appreciate her tribute to style, being outrageous and playing around... I went to see her show in New York and it was a confusion on my part. I was either two hours too soon, or two hours too late. I didn't really want to wait around so I will have to catch her another time 
— Debbie Harry on Lady Gaga / May 2009
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 She's an aggressive person to achieve anything like she's achieve. Her lyrics are not, 'Hit me again. I love it.' They're more, 'Come here baby, this is it.' She's very timely, she's right on time. 
— Debbie Harry about Madonna
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 We've met, but we kind of travel in different worlds. She's such a big star. I really do like her music. I think she's had some great hits... some really great songs. 
— Debbie Harry about Madonna