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Entrepreneur and joint-chairman of West Ham United


David Sullivan is a British entrepreneur and joint-chairman of West Ham United. He graduated in Economics from Queen Mary College, University of London. From 1986 until 2007 he owned the Daily Sport and Sunday Sport which he sold for £40 million. In 2004, Sullivan was named by The Sunday Times as Britain's 68th richest man, with assets valued at over £500 million.

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 I have told Spurs again that he's not available and not to bother us any further or we'll report them to the Premier League. I made a promise that I would not sell Scott and I will not, for any amount of money, break that promise to the West Ham supporters. For far too long, have had owners that sell their best players and promise one thing and do another. This is a new era. We are building a bigger, better West Ham and when we make a promise, we honour it. 
— David Sullivan warning Tottenham Hotspur not to pursue Scott Parker anymore / August 16, 2010