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David Cameron Quotes

Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Leader of the Conservative Party


David William Donald Cameron is the leader of the Conservative Party and the current Prime Minister of United Kingdom. David Cameron studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford, gaining a first class honours degree. He is married to Samantha Gwendoline Sheffield. Cameron supports the Aston Villa Football Club.

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 We have extended our battleground after the complete collapse of the Labour vote 
— David Cameron / April 26, 2010
 If you want a government with liberal values, vote Conservative. 
— David Cameron / April 26, 2010
 If you care about the environment, if you care about getting the government off your back, if you care about civil liberties, you need the clean break of a Conservative government. 
— David Cameron said during an election campaign / April 26, 2010
 It doesn’t put power in the hands of the people, it puts power in the hands of the politicians. We stand by our electoral system. I don’t support changing our electoral system. I don’t want to see it changed. 
— David Cameron slamming the proportional representation system favoured by the Lib Dems / April 26, 2010
 We are fighting all out for a majority Conservative Government. 
— David Cameron when asked about a possible deal with Lib Dems / April 26, 2010

 One of the dangers of a hung parliament is that you wouldn't get change. Proportional representation doesn't put power in the hands of people; it puts power in the hands of politicians. They can haggle and scheme and negotiate. That's not what it should be about. Elections should be decisive events. 
— David Cameron claims Lib Dems are in total confusion / April 26, 2010
 It's clear from last week's debate that the country wants change but the question is: what sort of change and who is best placed to lead that change? If you vote Conservative you will get a new team and you won't be stuck with what you've got now, 
— David Cameron in the second election debate, saying that the nation needs a change in Governance / April 22, 2010
 If there is a hung parliament, we will have to be responsible and do our best to make it work. 
— David Cameron in the second election debate / April 22, 2010
 That is what I am shooting for. 
— David Cameron saying an overall Conservative majority in the 2010 UK General Elections is possible / April 04, 2010
 I am hoping to win the election outright. I think that is absolutely do-able and deliverable. It is a challenge, it is a tight election, it is going to be very close. We are fighting for an overall majority, we think that would be best for Britain. We think a hung parliament would be damaging, the uncertainty would be bad for Britain. 
— David Cameron ruling out making a pact with the Liberal Democrats in case of a hung assembly / April 04, 2010