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D. Raja Quotes

National secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI)


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 The Finance Minister should roll back the duties imposed on petroleum products. He should do it immediately...... the government should have maintained some sort of transparency on the issue. On Thursday, a day before the Budget, the Parliament was debating price rise and the government assured that it was taking steps to contain it. The next day it imposes duties on petroleum products. The government should have been honest, 
— D. Raja on the 2010 Indian Union Budget / February 28, 2010
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 The Finance Minister has imposed a number of indirect taxes. It will lead to free market economy, 
— D. Raja on the 2010 Indian Union Budget / February 28, 2010
 We are not with Congress party either at the end of the day or at beginning of the day... If the mandate is not for us to form a non-BJP non-Congress government, alright, then we will sit in the opposition 
— D. Raja ruling out CPI supporting a congress-led government / May 16, 2009
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 I don't forsee BJP anywhere. Left will not allow it to take advantage of emerging situation 
— D. Raja when asked will Left allow BJP to form a government at the Centre / May 16, 2009
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 We went to people asking for their mandate for a non-Congress, non-BJP government and we think people appreciated our political understanding 
— D. Raja / May 16, 2009

 We are ready to sit in opposition 
— D. Raja / May 16, 2009
 There should not be any external interference in the affairs of Nepal. Nepal parties are capable of accessing the situation and meeting the challenges that are emerging in Nepa 
— D. Raja on Nepal crisis / May 06, 2009
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