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 I always said you'll never see me get a DUI, you'll never see me falling drunk out of a club, you'll never see me get arrested, you'll never see that side of me and unfortunately, it did happen. I did take responsibility for my actions. ... But, at the same time, I think, you know, everyone scrutinizes, Lindsay for everything she went through, but they should thank her, because it shows you exactly what not to do. 
— Courtenay Semel saying Lindsay Lohan shows what not to do / November 2009
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 I'd like to to say that I'm kind of like the Don Juan of the lesbian world~ 
— Courtenay Semel / November 2009
 I would like to say that Lindsay and I would make a really hot couple, but unfortunately we were best friends and the media kind of ruined that relationship... Let's put it this way, it's kind of like another one of ... my little frenemies out there was protecting their own self and their own relationship and threw us under the bus. But, for me, it was like, I would go to an event and they would start to say, 'So you and Lindsay aren't friends anymore,' and I'm like, 'Oh, really? That's news to me.' 
— Courtenay Semel about her relationship with Lindsay Lohan / November 2009
 None of that was actually true... I can't even have a best friend because I guess I'm going to be linked with them next. I read Brittny Gastineau and I may be dating now, and Brittny is as straight as they come. So, I guess I'm going to have to stick with my gay BFF in public. 
— Courtenay Semel denying rumors that she stated that Samantha Ronson stole Lindsay Lohan from her / November 2009
 I'm just finally happy to have a voice and set the record straight. And that's there's more to me than who I've allegedly slept with! 
— Courtenay Semel saying that she wants to debunk all the rumors about her personal life / November 2009

 I feel badly that with Lindsay, every issue she went through was public for everyone to see. 
— Courtenay Semel on Lindsay Lohan's problems / November 2009