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Irish Actor


Colin James Farrell is a Golden Globe wining, Irish actor, who has appeared in Hollywood films including Tigerland, Daredevil, Miami Vice, Minority Report, Phone Booth, Alexander, In Bruges, and S.W.A.T.

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 I won’t even take a bath. Actually I can swim but I’m not good in water. It depends on how close I am to shore. I’m not a good swimmer. I’ve got a family of good swimmers, all the kids. My brothers and two sisters are great swimmers but I could never swim. 
— Colin Farrell is terrified of water / May 17, 2010
 It does get easier with the nappies and everything. It's just a lovely little adventure to be on. I spend most of my time in Los Angeles and I just live a really low-key life. 
— Colin Farrell saying he changed a lot after becoming a father / March 03, 2010
 Privacy is kind of a virtue that I have become very fond of. 
— Colin Farrell / March 03, 2010
 The only time I'm reminded that there's something different about him, that he has some deviation from what's perceived to be normal, is when I see him with other kids his age. Then it comes back to me. But I've never thought of my son as being someone with a disability. From day one I felt that he's the way he's meant to be. Some of the best things that happen to you in life are unplanned, and that's what Jimmy (James) was. He was a gift. There's no embarrassment or heartbreak. 
— Colin Farrell speaking about his disabled son / March 02, 2010
 Also having money is lovely - Jesus, I'm really lucky - because it allows me to pay for the physician and speech therapists Jimmy needs. I can pay for really good ones, the best. I'm afraid a lot of people whose children have conditions really struggle. 
— Colin Farrell speaking about his disabled son / March 02, 2010

 First day of shooting, when we were doing Minority Report, I got so nervous. I was dying of nerves... But, then, you meet and talk to him and realize he's just a normal guy living in ridiculous circumstances. OK, he doesn't worry about mortgages and 'can I pay for a new car?', but he has the same natural concerns normal people have and he hurts in the same way. I mean, Tom Cruise is a really good bloke. 
— Colin Farrell has heaps of praises for Tom Cruise / February 25, 2010
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 It's put more focus on my career... I'm a lot more appreciative over what I have. For years I was adamantly trying to show that I wasn't worthy or that I didn't know why it happened to me. I enjoy it a lot more now. 
— Colin Farrell is appreciating success now that he is sober / February 18, 2010
 I just wanted to stop... I was done with it, I was tired of it, I wanted to get off the treadmill. 
— Colin Farrell on why he curbed his wild ways / February 18, 2010
 The work I always took serious - I probably would have been embarrassed by how serious I took it. Everything else, the behavior around the work, was a guy having a good time and probably trying to apologize for his success. 
— Colin Farrell / February 18, 2010