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 In Copenhagen I spoke about Scotland's energy potential, our green energy potential, our ambition to be the energy powerhouse of Europe. Many countries saw the lead that Scotland was taking as an example of the legislation and of the action that must be taken to protect our planet collectively. 
— Alex Salmond on aims for 2010 / December 30, 2009
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 I am convinced that Britain's long term prosperity lies in leading the necessary transformation to a low carbon, greener future. We must become a global leader not just in financing greener technologies but in the development and manufacture of wind, tidal, nuclear and other low-carbon energy. 
— Gordon Brown looking to the opportunities that the fight against climate change could present for Britain's economy / December 22, 2009
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 I have said consistently, Australia will do no more and no less than the rest of the world 
— Kevin Rudd on the climate change / December 21, 2009
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 Financial resources for the efforts of developing countries (to combat climate change are) a legal obligation... That does not mean China will take a share -- probably not... We do not expect money will flow from the US, UK (and others) to China. 
— He Yafei saying China might not take a share of any funding for emerging nations to fight climate change / December 14, 2009
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 If President Obama has his way, the Copenhagen conference will produce mandatory emissions limits that would destroy millions of American jobs and damage our economic competitiveness for decades to come, 
— Marsha Blackburn urged against U.S. participation in an international agreement on climate change / December 12, 2009

 The deniers are persisting in an era of unreality. The entire North Polar ice cap is disappearing before our eyes, What do they think is happening? It's a principle in physics, It's like gravity, it exists. 
— Al Gore on Climate change / December 09, 2009
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 I just think what we are going to get out of Copenhagen is a lot of words and not much action, which is typical of Kevin Rudd... I would hate to think of the carbon footprint of the people who go there though. They are certainly making a very substantial contribution to their own emissions. 
— Tony Abbott on Kevin Rudd's copenhagen climate change proposal / December 09, 2009
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