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Christopher Ciccone Quotes

Younger brother of Madonna


Christopher G. Ciccone is a younger brother of Madonna, and has worked as Madonna's assistant, dresser, backup dancer, stylist, and artistic director. His first public appearance was alongside his sister in her 1982 debut music video "Everybody". After involvement in a promo tour for her debut album, he appeared in her 1984 "Lucky Star" video. He has decorated Madonna's various former residences in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. He has also designed the stage for her 1990 Blond Ambition concert tour, and directed her 1993 Girlie Show concert tour. He is an artist, director and interior and furniture designer by profession.

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 I think I can bring a particular kind of credibility to the show. I'd be the only person sitting at the table who actually created a pop star from the beginning, and helped keep her there for 20 years. I know what it takes to make it, 
— Christopher Ciccone wants to be a American Idol judge / March 04, 2010
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 I think Howard is a great guy, but it's difficult to see him sitting there, with the demographic he brings to the table, 
— Christopher Ciccone on Howard Stern's chances of becoming an American Idol judge / March 04, 2010
 And I know producers are talking to Perez [Hilton], although he's probably the only person who doesn't realize how irrelevant he is, 
— Christopher Ciccone on Perez Hilton's chances of becoming an American Idol judge / March 04, 2010
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 I'm sure she'd be supportive, 
— Christopher Ciccone saying sister Madonna will be supportive if he wants to become a judge on the American Idol / March 04, 2010