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Chirayu Amin Quotes

Industrialist, Head of the Baroda Cricket Association


Chirayu Amin is the interim Chairman of the Indian Premier League. He is an industrialist and head of the Baroda Cricket Association.

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 The success of the IPL was so dazzling that everyone was basking in its glory. Certain details were not disclosed to us in all this. We trusted Mr. Modi in good faith. I have to admit that the Governing Council could have been more vigilant, 
— Chirayu Amin saying the IPL's governing council erred in trusting Lalit Modi too much / April 27, 2010
 The job is tough. It has been thrown up to me unexpectedly. I didn’t expect to be put in the hot seat, 
— Chirayu Amin never expected to land in the Chairman job for IPL / April 27, 2010
 Cricket and the IPL will go on. The players’ interest will be take care of. They will enjoy playing cricket. The owners of the franchisees will also flourish, 
— Chirayu Amin saying IPL will go on / April 27, 2010
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 We will try to make it a system-oriented management of the IPL. The government is looking into various issues and the BCCI and the IPL are supporting them. Some documents are missing. BCCI and IPL are trying to reorganise themselves so that we have all the documents. We will maintain full transparency. There is no hanky-panky. BCCI is a democratic set-up. We are doing utmost to make it work, 
— Chirayu Amin on how he plans to clean up the IPL mess / April 27, 2010
 The immediate task is to clean-up the IPL. The game has just been concluded and so we will start planning for the next year. That is the priority right now. Modi has been given an opportunity to reply to all these things and we will wait till the reply comes. Once he replies then the Council will look at it and will decide on further action. 
— Chirayu Amin after being appointed interim chairman of IPL / April 26, 2010