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Cherrybomb is an upcoming drama film starring Rupert Grint. It is scheduled to be released in the UK on April 23, 2010. The movie follows three teenagers on a wild weekend of drink, drugs, shoplifting and joyriding.

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 It was the first kind of real adult role for me really so I was quite nervous about it. It did feel like a massive step, as it’s kind of away from home. We filmed it in Belfast, out of the whole comfort bubble of Harry Potter really, as I’ve known everyone there for all my life. I had to speak with a different accent, so yeah everything felt different and it took me a while to adjust to that. 
— Rupert Grint on his role in his upcoming movie Cherrybomb / April 25, 2010
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 I had my first s*x scene and it was a traumatic experience. But Kimberley found it a lot more embarrassing. I think it’s easier for boys. It was her first too so we were in the same situation. It’s just such a weird thing anyway being in a room of 12 men. When we were filming we were drinking every night. It helped the bonding. 
— Rupert Grint on filming his first intimate scene with costar Kimberly Nixon in his upcoming movie Cherrybomb / April 02, 2010