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Charlize Theron Quotes

Oscar Award-winning film actress


Charlize Theron is a South African actress, film producer, and former fashion model. She became an American citizen in 2007. She rose to fame in the late 1990s following her roles in 2 Days in the Valley, Mighty Joe Young, The Devil's Advocate, and The Cider House Rules. She received critical acclaim and an Academy Award for her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the film Monster, for which she became the first person from any African country to win an Academy Award in a major acting category. She received another Academy Award nomination for her performance in North Country.

Charlize Theron Info

Date of BirthAugust 7, 1975
Place of BirthBenoni, Transvaal Province, South Africa
OccupationsActress, producer, director, fashion model
Years active1995–present
NationalitySouth Africa South African
PartnerStuart Townsend (2001–2010)
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 I really, really love that girl. I love that girl, like, I would jump off a building for that girl. She's amazing, she's amazing. She's the real deal… she gives really good back rubs. 
— Charlize Theron would jump off a building for Kristen Stewart / April 27, 2012
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 I secretly have to say I kind of really love being Mavis from 'Young Adult' … she was like a freebie on bad behavior. 
— Charlize Theron on which character she would trade lives with for a day / April 20, 2012
 I was too tall, too big, too late for the supermodel look of the Eighties. Kate Moss and all the tiny, grungy girls had just become fashionable, and I didn't fit the bill. I'm sure there are women who never have to worry about what they eat. But I do. I exercise a lot, and I hike a lot. My mum and I hike at least three times a week. 
— Charlize Theron believed she was too big to be a model / April 07, 2012
 I really want for myself a long-term relationship, and I have been in long-term relationships, and so ... that's the kind of union that I want. The actual ceremony is not something that's important to me. 
— Charlize Theron / June 29, 2011
 There are little things that I want to hang on to for myself. I really do believe you can make certain choices in your life that give you the life you really do like. There are certain things in my life that I hold on to very sacredly. Maybe it was the way I was raised. My mom used to always say, ‘There’s certain things that are yours and you don’t share that.’ 
— Charlize Theron learned from her mother not to share too much information about herself / April 29, 2010

 I know that so much of my life is out there already. Quality of life is incredibly important to me, and I don’t know how much quality of life you can really have if it’s all out there for the world. 
— Charlize Theron / April 29, 2010
 For me, going there when we launched, it was eye-opening that the things we take for granted are not the things that you can expect in rural communities in South Africa, 
— Charlize Theron recently launched the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project / April 29, 2010