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Celina Jaitley Quotes

Bollywood Actress


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 I will make sure that people who have harmed my dignity will be prosecuted and I am sure the police will ensure that this happens. 
— Celina Jaitley on morphing her pictures for promotion of their products / May 15, 2009
 The youth power can change the face and fate of the country. 
— Celina Jaitley / April 16, 2009
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 So maybe for my birthday, god will grant me romance and love. About time I got lucky in love 
— Celina Jaitley
 It was very difficult to speak in Kiwi English as they speak in a completely difficult and weird accent. Neither do they speak like Australians nor like the British. 
— Celina Jaitley on Kiwi English
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 It took me 10 days to sit constantly with my trainer to learn the correct accent. She sat with me day and night and spoke to me in her accent which made it possible for me to get it right, 
— Celina Jaitley

 I had seen this fabulous swimwear shoot of one of my favourite models, Kate Moss. I instantly knew that I had to do something on the same lines. I was really inspired and wanted to do a shoot which is quite beautiful ... 
— Celina Jaitley
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