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 If you are a Gowda, a Vokkaliga, Lingayat and so on. You are given a ticket on the basis of what caste and community you belong to and then you are wooing votes from that community only 
— Capt G R Gopinath giving reason why he did not choose a specific caste / community / April 17, 2009
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 I entered the electoral fray because I believe India is crying out for change. 
— Capt G R Gopinath / April 15, 2009
 I did not choose a party as every candidate who represents a party does so by forfeiting his right to think! 
— Capt G R Gopinath in an interview to a private news/internet media outlet / April 14, 2009
 I'm not going to spend money and will be a low cost campaign 
— Capt G R Gopinath announcing his low cost election campaign which is similar to low cost airline concept / April 12, 2009
 We can either keep criticizing that the system is not all right or do something about it .. We have to decide between choosing whether we want to be a part of the problem or the solution. 
— Capt G R Gopinath during election campaigning / April 2009