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 The scenes that she and I had together, I really enjoyed, and I really believe that she’s got definite chops. We worked well together. I enjoyed all of it, and she was toe-to-toe with me the whole time. But everybody’s good. Stanley Tucci’s in it and Peter Gallagher, Kristen Bell and Julianne Hough, so everyone’s really good in it. 
— Cher thinks Christina Aguilera is a fabulous actress / November 11, 2010
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 You get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and you try to look good and all the other girls are like one third of my age and that’s rough. It didn’t help that (costar) Stanley Tucci was ogling every butt that went by too. 
— Cher found it tough being surrounded by young women on the sets of Burlesque / October 18, 2010
 This boils down to it being the right time and place. I was waiting for the right script to come along and the right idea to really inspire me and this was it. The character and the idea and the story involved really spoke to me. 
— Christina Aguilera on her character in her new movie Burlesque / April 20, 2010
 Cher’s embraced me with open arms, it’s meant the world. She’s been very much like a mentor to me, but we get together and it’s like we’re old girlfriends, we’ll talk and talk. I really adore her. 
— Christina Aguilera on getting close to her co-star Cher / April 03, 2010
 The girls I play, Ali, has a rough past — her mother dies when she’s very young and she’s been in foster homes. I could relate to that pain, growing up in an abusive household. That gave me great motivation to provoke my tears for those scenes where I had to really pour it on. I felt it deeply, to go through a lot of those things that brought up a lot of painful memories. 
— Christina Aguilera is motivated by her abusive childhood in preparing for her role in upcoming movie Burlesque / April 03, 2010

 I'm a blonde girl who goes dark to go bad. They felt my character should be brunette and bad. 
— Kristen Bell on darkening her hair to look evil in new movie Burlesque / March 05, 2010
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 I have never felt so much good female energy around me, I find that I can't take my eyes off them. I'm 99 percent sure I will leave this movie a lesbian. 
— Kristen Bell on acting with Cher and Christina Aguliera in the movie Burlesque / January 04, 2010