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Bruce Springsteen Quotes

American songwriter, singer and musician


Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen records and tours with the E Street Band and is nicknamed "The Boss"

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Date of BirthSeptember 23, 1949
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 I decided that the key to that was maintaining a sense of myself, understanding that a part of my life had been mutated by my success. There was a thrust of self-preservation more than anything else, more than a political conscience or a social conscience. 
— Bruce Springsteen doesn't want success to go to his head / September 16, 2010
 If you’re good you’re always looking over your shoulder. That’s the life, it’s the gunslinger life. ‘Yes, you are very fast my friend.’ My son and I went to see Bad Religion and the Dropkick Murphys and it was an incredible show. So I’m watching my kid in the mosh pit and he’s soaked in a pool of sweat and at the same time I’m looking at these bands saying, ‘They’re good.’ 
— Bruce Springsteen revealing that some of his favorite acts are punk bands / September 16, 2010