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 I would love to be in a Bond film—a Bond Girl! That would be the ultimate. 
— Kim Kardashian wants to be a Bond girl / January 30, 2011
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 A Bond girl should be about both the body and the brain, 
— Teri Hatcher thinks Angelina Jolie could never become a Bond girl / May 13, 2010
 I'm too young to be a Bond girl. There's not much of a role, though some of them have become iconic, and you need somebody more mature and beautiful than me, 
— Freida Pinto saying she doesn't suit as a bond girl / March 04, 2010
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 Deary me. Unfortunately women do do that. We're good at our jobs, but if we fall in love, we're a bit stupid 
— Honor Blackman her role as Pussy Galore in Jamesbond movies
 [Brooke and Charlie] just had the babies and we're letting Brooke heal. Then they will see their new brothers. They can't wait. They actually drew a picture for them, they are so excited 
— Denise Richards on her ex-husbands new born twins
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