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Frontman of the successful band The Smashing Pumpkins


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 I think for any person who has celebrity to sort of drop rocks at somebody else's feet like that, there are things you should really just keep your mouths shut on. There are things that should just be left alone. 
— Billy Corgan blasts John Mayer for talking about ex-girlfriends / March 12, 2010
 He's trying to destroy his career. Rather than take a year off or change his musical direction, some part of it is irritating his soul to the point where he's trying to blow it up. Certainly a talented guy, but empathetically, standing on the sidelines, it's hard to watch someone literally burn their career to the ground speaking as somebody who's done it. 
— Billy Corgan blasts John Mayer for talking about ex-girlfriends / March 12, 2010
 After almost 20 years of friendship, I have decided to break all ties to Courtney. I don't want anything to do with her. 
— Billy Corgan on his facebook page / March 2010
 I have no interest in supporting her in any way, shape or form. You can't throw enough things down the abyss with a person like that. 
— Billy Corgan is cutting all ties with Courtney Love / March 2010
 The stuff that I've seen doesn't have any bearing to the reality that I'm in. It's like being in a cartoon, It has nothing to do with what's really going on or how I feel. 
— Billy Corgan on his rumored romance with Jessica Simpson / February 22, 2010

 I ended up writing part of the theme song, She asked me to help her out. It has a little bit of an alternative rock edge, but it's still very poppy. 
— Billy Corgan on meeting Jessica Simpson / February 22, 2010
 She asked me to help her out on the theme song for her new TV show [VH1's The Price of Beauty]... [The show] has an interesting concept. She goes around the world to show how different people perceive beauty. In some cultures, bigger is better. In some, smaller is better. It's interesting. 
— Billy Corgan on his relationship with Jessica Simpson / February 20, 2010
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