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Bharatiya Janata Party Quotes


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 But they did not go to the houses of the poor, the farmers, the Dalit and other weaker sections. They just went to the houses of the rich. You (voters) then showed them the door 
— Rahul Gandhi saying BJP didn't look after the poor though they calimg that India was shining / May 11, 2009
 When they are in power, they never remember issues like the Ram Mandir (Ayodhya temple) and black money lying in Swiss bank accounts. The BJP never talks about the poor and poverty 
— Rahul Gandhi / May 09, 2009
 The BJP is trying to divide Hindus and Muslims in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat while it is trying to split Hindus and Christians in Orissa. Women are being beaten up in Karnataka while migrants are being driven out of Maharashtra. We don't want two Indias 
— Rahul Gandhi at an election meeting in Hoshiarpur, Punjab / May 09, 2009
 I will leave no stone unturned to defeat the BJP. I will work for the complete destruction of the BJP and stop all possibilities of the formation of a BJP-led NDA government at the Centre 
— Kalyan Singh / May 02, 2009
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 Certain statements made by our leaders during elections had created problems. I would raise the issues in the party forum where it would be discussed. 
— Shahnawaz Hussain, BJP leader, refering to the communal statements made during campaigning / May 2009

 In one way, the CPM and its allies even today are helping the BJP. By opposing the UPA and Congress, they are dividing the secular votes, which can help the BJP 
— Manmohan Singh accusing Communist Party of India of indirectly helping BJP / May 2009
 It is the same Prime Minister who compelled Pakistan to openly confess categorically that the perpetrators of the terrorists act in Mumbai last year belonged to Pakistan. 
— Rahul Gandhi on BJP's consistent description of Manmohan Singh as a weak PM / May 2009
 BJP leader who today talks about combating terrorism, I think should introspect his inner soul and recall what happened when their government was in power. I believe Indian citizens till now have not forgotten that 
— Sonia Gandhi speaking about BJP during an election campaign / May 2009
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 The election manifesto of the Bhartiya Janata Party not only mentions these 11 points but also defines the bases of development in the country keeping Indian values in mind. 
— Ashok Singhal appreciating BJP for including the suggestions made by Dharma Raksha Manch in the election manifesto / May 2009
 Why are they (Congress and BJP) so worried now? In 2009 also, after the elections, new combination, alternative secular government will be formed. And this is surprising because both the Congress and BJP both formed the combination after the elections 
— Sitaram Yechury saying all coalitions are formed after the elections / May 2009