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 The Bihar verdict has given a new direction to national politics by rewarding performers (NDA government) against inefficient and dynastic parties like the RJD-LJP combine and the Congress, 
— Nitin Gadkari in a function with BJP Party workers / February 05, 2011
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 We want to remove their hunger, poverty, lack of education, 
— Nitin Gadkari wants muslims to join BJP / April 24, 2010
 I am new to Delhi and national politics. But after getting the blessings of the senior leaders, I am confident of performing the duties and responsibilities entrusted to me. After meeting Advani, my confidence has increased, 
— Nitin Gadkari after becoming the president of Bharatiya Janata Party / December 20, 2009
 I am very happy the party is giving me the highest responsibility... I have come here to accept the responsibility. I will act for the politics of development 
— Nitin Gadkari on becoming the chief of Bharatiya Janata Party / December 19, 2009
 I called a Core Group meeting of the party on Wednesday where it was decided that BJP's constitution should be amended to create the post of parliamentary party chairman. 
— Rajnath Singh on creation of a new parliamentary party chairman post in BJP / December 18, 2009
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 There is no political party in India which has set up such a strong base in so few years. 
— LK Advani after stepping down as the leader of the opposition / December 18, 2009
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 As far as BJP is concerned, whatever surgery, medicine, chemotherapy is essential for them, it has to be diagnosed by them (BJP). 
— Mohan Bhagwat / October 27, 2009
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 ... large number of people is associated with different leaders and it is not necessary if the person is associated personally with the leader is also associated with the party 
— Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi saying Kulkarni's dissociation with the BJP will have no impact on the party / August 23, 2009
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 I would like to correct that Kulkarni was not a member of the BJP. For the last two years, he is not in the BJP. Of course, he was assisting Advani sometimes and also other senior leaders..., 
— Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi saying resignation of Sudheendra Kulkarni will have no impact on BJP / August 23, 2009