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Beverly Johnson Quotes

American model, actress, and businesswoman


Beverly Johnson made history when she rose to fame as the first black model to appear on the cover of American Vogue in 1974. Johnson was honored in 2006 at Oprah Winfrey's Legends Ball along with Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, Tina Turner and other female African Americans in entertainment, civil rights, and the arts. The New York Times named Johnson one of the 20th century's most influential people in fashion.

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 Everyone should have enough money to get plastic surgery. 
— Beverly Johnson on Plastic Surgery
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 My husband was just OK looking. I was in labor and I said to him, 'What if she's ugly? You're ugly.' 
— Beverly Johnson
 Water came in and then the ceiling collapsed. We were really shaken up last night. 
— Beverly Johnson
 I am an attorney, ... (What) if attorneys had to get business licenses in every city where we went to court? It can't be that way ... It does seem like there should be some minimal amount of business you have to do, especially if you do business all over the place. 
— Beverly Johnson