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Betty White Quotes

American actress, comedian, and former game show host


Betty Marion White is best known for her television roles on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and on The Golden Girls. She has won six Emmy Awards and received 18 Emmy Award nominations. She was also the first woman to ever receive an Emmy Award for hosting a game show.

Betty White Info

Birth nameBetty Marion White
Date of BirthJanuary 17, 1922
Place of BirthOak Park, Illinois, U.S.
Spouse (s)Dick Barker (1945-1945), Lane Allen (1947-1949), Allen Ludden (1963-1981)
Years active1939–present
Other Names / Nick NamesBetty White Ludden
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 I am the luckiest old broad on two feet. 
— Betty White / May 15, 2012
 As Good As It Gets, I turned that down... but it was for a very good reason. They had this adorable dog in it, but in one scene the guys goes down the hall and puts the dog down the rubbish chute. Of course it lands on some cushions and it's fine, but I didn't want to set that example, because you never know what nuts or kids will see it and think I can do that. The director said, 'The dog's fine, the dog's fine!'. But I said, 'I just can't do that'. Of course the film was a tremendous hit, but I didn't regret turning it down. 
— Betty White in Jay Leno show saying she turned down a role in As Good As It Gets / March 04, 2011
 I get a lot of mail, but I can stack those in stacks and throw this stack out without answering, and then I get to this stack. But if I punched the button and stored something in a computer, I wouldn’t sleep at night wondering what was stored in there. I’m a technological spaz. 
— Betty White doesn't own a computer / February 01, 2011
 I cannot believe this, 
— Betty White after winning the award for outstanding female in a comedy series at 17th SAG Awards / January 30, 2011
 It is very silly. You’ve had such an overdose of me lately. I’m thinking of going away for a while. 
— Betty White is thinking of going away from Hollywood for a while / January 05, 2011

 I have a two-story house and a bad memory, so I’m up and down those stairs all the time. That’s my exercise. 
— Betty White stays in shape by taking the stairs daily / November 11, 2010
 It’s called ‘Betty "Naked in the City" Hot Dog’... because I don’t put anything on it, 
— Betty White eats fries every night, along with a salad or vegetable and a hot dog named after her at the legendary Pink’s in Los Angeles / November 11, 2010
 I don’t care who anybody sleeps with. If a couple has been together all that time — and there are gay relationships that are more solid than some heterosexual ones — I think it’s fine if they want to get married. I don’t know how people can get so anti-something. Mind your own business, take care of your affairs, and don’t worry about other people so much. 
— Betty White favors Gay marriage / November 02, 2010
 I’ve always liked older men. They’re just more attractive to me. Of course, at my age there aren’t that many left! I’ve enjoyed the opposite sex a lot. Always have. Always will. 
— Betty White / October 28, 2010