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Beth Ditto Quotes

American singer-songwriter


Mary Beth Patterson, known by her stage name Beth Ditto is well known for her work with the indie rock band Gossip.

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 I have a hard time not buying or stealing. If I want something, I have to have it. But not anymore. The last time was three months ago — a dress from Marshalls. I used to steal more. I mostly stole from Goodwill. You know, ‘Can’t be bothered. The line’s too long. Put it in your purse.’ 
— Beth Ditto likes shoplifting / March 30, 2010
 It’s so West Coast. There are a lot of people who started on testosterone or estrogen, and there’s a whole movement of people who want to be trans but not take them. Also, it doesn’t matter if you call him ‘her’ or he ‘she.’ Here I am coming out as straight! 
— Beth Ditto / March 30, 2010
 I can talk to anybody. I can talk to a lamppost and make it talk back. There are not that many people I don’t like. And the more I love you, the more I’ll make fun of you. 
— Beth Ditto can talk to anybody and has also conversations with inanimate objects / March 30, 2010