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 In many ways they are better than Barcelona. That's just down to the mentality, the belief and they way they approach games. What Barca have is the way they play the game, they are very unique, you won't see another team in world football that will rely on 900 passes to win the game. The pattern of their play is impossible to compare. But United have a blend and mentality in the squad that is the best in world football. It's just a matter of beating a team like Barca in a one-off game and see who can be European champions, as I believe they are on a different level than anyone else. 
— Roberto Martinez saying Manchester United are better than Barcelona / September 22, 2011
 It is a great fortune to be able to play in the Supercopa. Madrid are a great team. Madrid are always a great and dangerous opponent and they have changed plenty since last season with the arrival of many new players. In any case, we will try to play a good game. There are no excuses when you play Madrid. The best team will win. 
— Josep Guardiola about their match against Real Madrid in Supercopa / August 13, 2011
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 I think that in the end Cesc will do what he feels like doing, the same with Barcelona. I am certain he wants to come to Barcelona because he has realised this in the only club where he can win. 
— Lionel Messi is sure Cesc Fabregas will join Barelona / February 19, 2011
 We have been further in the competition. There are 90 minutes left in the tie and the result can be saved at home. We now have a break in the competition and we must focus on the league, but we have the talent to overturn the result. 
— David Villa saying Barcelona has the talent to progress in the Champions League despite their 1-2 loss to Arsenal in the first tie / February 16, 2011
 I can only speak from experience but he was one of the most dangerous players I have ever played against. Barcelona players are not scared easily but I can tell you that when we played Arsenal last season he truly worried us. When we were playing Arsenal at the Emirates we were so in control of the game at 2-0, with all respect Arsenal were not even in the game. Then Theo came on and changed the game. He pretty much single-handedly salvaged a draw that night. 
— Lionel Messi saying Theo Walcott is one of the most dangerous players he has ever played against / February 15, 2011
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 It is difficult to learn. They are such a good team that, even if you know everything, they have so many quality players that can make the difference. 
— Cesc Fabregas about their last encounter with Barcelona in Champions league / February 14, 2011