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Barack Obama Quotes

Current and 44th President of United States


Barack Hussein Obama II is the first African American to hold the office, as well as the first president born in Hawaii. Obama previously served as the junior United States Senator from Illinois from January 2005 until he resigned after his election to the presidency in November 2008. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

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 This notion that somehow the health care bill that is emerging should be grudgingly accepted by Democrats as half a loaf is simply incorrect, This is nine-tenths of a loaf. And for a family out there that right now doesn't have health insurance, it is a great deal. It's a full loaf for a lot of families who have nothing to fall back on if they get into a medical emergency. 
— Barack Obama on the health care bill / December 23, 2009
 I think that people are justified in being disappointed about the outcome in Copenhagen, 
— Barack Obama on the climate change summit / December 23, 2009
 What I said was essentially that rather than see a complete collapse in Copenhagen, in which nothing at all got done and would have been a huge backward step, at least we kind of held ground and there wasn't too much backsliding from where we were. 
— Barack Obama on the climate change summit / December 23, 2009
 The science says that we've got to significantly reduce emissions over the next 40 years. There's nothing in the Copenhagen agreement that ensures that that happens, 
— Barack Obama on the climate change summit / December 23, 2009
 Overall, if you had a checklist of promises made, a lot of those promises have been kept, When those things are complete, and I think they will be, we will have achieved a fundamental shift in health care, energy, education and our financial regulatory system that will put this economy on a firmer footing to grow over the long term. 
— Barack Obama / December 22, 2009

 Nowhere has there been a bigger gap between the perceptions of compromise and the realities of compromise than in the health-care bill, Every single criteria for reform I put forward is in this bill. 
— Barack Obama on the health care bill / December 22, 2009
 We don't feel that the core elements to help the American people have been compromised in any significant way, Do these pieces of legislation have exactly everything I want? Of course not. But they have the things that are necessary to reduce costs for businesses, families and the government. 
— Barack Obama on the health care bill / December 22, 2009
 In some ways, we just didn't have an option, Because of the financial crisis, we had to make a series of decisions that, back in 2007 when my presidential campaign began, were not at the top of our list. 
— Barack Obama on pursuing health-care reform, a cap-and-trade bill, financial reform legislation simultaneously / December 22, 2009
 The United States Senate knocked down a filibuster aimed at blocking a final vote on health care reform, and scored a big victory for the American people 
— Barack Obama calling the voting of health care bill, a historic voting / December 21, 2009
 By standing up to the special interests who prevented reform for decades and who are furiously lobbying against it now, the Senate has moved us closer to reform that makes a tremendous difference for families, for seniors, for businesses and for the country as a whole, 
— Barack Obama on the health care bill / December 21, 2009