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Bandaru Dattatreya Quotes

BJP State President, Andhra Pradesh, India


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 This budget doesn't have anything that would spur overall development of the State. Not a single new train is useful. All of them are short distance trains. The Railway Minister has tried to woo the people by announcing new lines. 
— Bandaru Dattatreya about the 2010 Indian Railway Budget / February 24, 2010
 Telangana issue has been kept in cold storage once again and the Congress has cheated the people of Telangana. The terms of reference are framed against formation of separate State. 
— Bandaru Dattatreya on the terms of reference of the Srikrishna Committee / February 12, 2010
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 I will strengthen the party in the state 
— Bandaru Dattatreya on his future plans after losing the elections / May 17, 2009
 The TRS decision has given new strength to the NDA. TDP and Praja Rajyam are pondering over the issue now. I feel it depends on the Left on whom they will support. 
— Bandaru Dattatreya hoping TDP and PrajaRajyam will support NDA at centre / May 13, 2009
 Mahakutami will disappear after elections 
— Bandaru Dattatreya / April 14, 2009
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